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Zadok Perspectives and Papers exist to promote informed theological reflection, by people from all walks of life, on contemporary issues in Australian society, and to bring Christian perspectives into public debate. More than 650 people throughout Australia and beyond are part of the Zadok (now Ethos) network or subscribe to Zadok publications. These people come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. Zadok materials and activities have particular appeal for those who want to reflect deeply upon the implications of the Christian faith for working life, leisure and social involvement, and to make the gospel effective in the lives of their fellow Australians, their society and culture.

In celebration of the ARPA Awards that Zadok Perspectives received, we are offering free electronic samples of Zadok Perspectives and Papers to download.
Zadok Perspectives 119 - Working in Economic Exile and Illusion (download here)
Zadok Perspectives 120 - Is Politics Passé? (download here)
Zadok Paper S199 - "A Tale of Two Cities: Understanding the Relationship between Christ and Culture" - Brian Edgar (download here


Zadok Back Catalogue

A collection of papers representing more than 30 years of Christian reflection on contemporary issues in Australian society. Zadok Papers are $5.00 each (in paper or pdf format). Most papers from S105 onwards are available in this format. Please provide your email address when ordering if pdf is your preferred delivery method. Back copies of the full magazine are $5.00 plus $2 postage.  Contact us for a quote for larger volumes and multiple copies. For full catalogue, see

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