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Kairos: the card player

Friday, 3 December 2021  | Charles Ringma

do you, o god,

keep the kairos moment

close to your chest,

like a card player

in some grimy back-room?


this is what we wait for

in the march of dreary years,

but signs turn into the mirage

of a desert rainstorm.


is waiting now our greatest calling,

rather than the wildness of dancing 

in the upswing of your spirit

where the rivers flow?


your favourites,

simeon and anna,

grasped the moment in that baby boy

of a kairos joy.


they waited long.

the years hung on them

like a worn-out cloak.

but their gaze was steady and true.


and we like them

should wait for you.


Charles Ringma has taught in universities, seminaries and colleges in Asia, Australia and Canada. He is Emeritus Professor Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. His recent publications are Hear the Ancient WisdomSabbath Time and Chase Two Horses.



Simeon and Anna Praise the infant Jesus by Arent de Gelder. Public domain at Wikimedia Commons.

Rembrandt: The Circumcision in the Stable. Public Domain at Wikimedia Commons.

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