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From the Director - Farewell, Ian

Wednesday, 9 December 2015  | Gordon Preece

2015 has been a year of some staff transition for Ethos with Assistant Director Ian Packer picking up the reins of the Copy and Production Editor role from Janet Down seamlessly and also adding some commissioning input to my role as Commissioning Editor. In turn, Ian has now moved on to a full-time role as Academic Registrar at Morling College where students will know that they have great empathy from him given his role as a perpetual student for many years.

Ian has been with Ethos since its inception. After Brian Edgar he was Director of the Evangelical Alliance Public Theology department which then merged with Zadok to be launched as Ethos in 2010. Ian has been a constant companion and friend in the launching of the small but good and sturdy ship Ethos. His commitment to the cause, good humour, wide networks in Sydney, W.A. and Victoria, his outstanding theological nous and irenic spirit have stamped the identity of Engage.Mail as the place where the more centre-left (political and theological) constituency of Zadok and more centre-right constituency of EA can engage with each other vigorously but civilly and hospitably on ethical and missional matters of importance, as a dress-rehearsal for engaging a pluralistic society. Good theology is forged in friendship, and Ian has exemplified that, with me, Denise, Brian Edgar and others. He will be greatly, but not completely missed. Ian will still be an editorial associate (and generous contributor through the transition) and ongoing friend for Ethos. To borrow from Phil. 1: we give thanks to God upon every remembrance of you, Ian.

As we go to press, the appointment of Ian’s successor is imminent, ensuring a strong sense of continuity in time and spirit.

We do, however, continue to face financial difficulties and funding uncertainty. We ask that you give us a thought, a prayer, and maybe a Christmas donation if you appreciate the reconciling and engaging work of Engage.Mail and Ethos. Advent greetings as we remember and anticipate the two comings of Christ’s Kingdom which envelope our everyday lives, making them such an arduous but exciting Advent-ure.

Gordon Preece, Director of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity & Society

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