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God is Friendship: A Theology of Spirituality, Community and Society

In this Facebook age of “friending” anyone and everyone, it is incumbent on the church to articulate a rich and accessible theology of friendship for the world. Dr. Brian Edgar has done it in God is Friendship: A Theology of Spirituality, Community and Society. The book explores friendship as spiritual formation, as the life of the church, and as a public good. From an exploration of the inner relationships of the Trinity to the outworking of the church’s mission, this book will frame and reframe a thoroughgoing theology of friendship for clergy, academic and lay audiences. Expect to be stretched and challenged while being anchored and inspired. It will no doubt add value to all your relationships.

Dr. Brian Edgar is a Public Theologian and Professor of Theological Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. He taught previously at the Melbourne School of Theology and has served as the inaugural Director of Public Theology for the Australian Evangelical Alliance.

Part I: Introduction to Friendship
1. Overture: The Changing Face of Friendship 3

Part II: Friendship as Spiritual Formation
2. Beginning: No Longer Servants 17
3. Growing: Friends of the King 41
4. Learning: God Is Friendship 69

Part III: Friendship as the Life of the Church
5. History: The Privatization of Friendship 109
6. Church: Transforming Friendship 131
7. Ministry: What a Friend We Have in Jesus 165

Part IV: Friendship as Public Good
8. Theology: Public Friendship 195
9. Mission: Friendship and the Scattered Church 225
10. Virtue: Holy Friendship 247

Part V: The Future of Friendship
11. Destiny: The Meaning of Friendship for God 269

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