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Mick is the Reviews Editor for Zadok Perspectives and a regular contributor. He heads up the Ethos Environment think tank. Mick completed a PhD in Meteorology at Monash University, and lectures in meteorology. He also completed undergraduate theological studies and is an adjunct lecturer at Eastern College in creation care and theology of science. Mick speaks regularly at churches and other groups on theology and its interaction with environmental ethics, science and mission. He has a number of published book chapters and journal articles in this area, including A Climate of Hope: Church and Mission in a Warming World, with Claire Dawson. 

Mick maintains a blog (ethos-environment.blogspot.com.au) and contributes to Red Letter Christians as a guest blogger. He lives in Melbourne with his wife Jo, son, Labrador and chickens.

You can watch Mick’s 2014 interview on Norm Currie's Harmony in Diversity program at


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