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Tuesday, 26 March 2024  | Alvoli Anderson

why does water fall in the city?

no trees to water, only steeples

vain, residents utter in profane

clouds, go back to whence you came

but understanding, little have they

for clouds cry not only for plants but people

for clouds fly to move along...




early afternoon, the rain, it came

as soon as we left the book shop for the train

what untimely timing

for the sudden downpour

what dramatic distortion

of pillars of floors

of walls into doors

the streets into streams

my class into havoc

my teacher, to Mary of Magdalene

but rain, you remind us -

or at least remind some

to make use of our coat again,

to put it back on

your rivers of gutters, to

remain running along

in our direction

through a squelch in our sole

to share an umbrella

or even a song

in the air erase

a polluted city's stain

under Flinders Street Station

as we wait for the train

to take us back home

and watch the clouds fall

for rain, you remind us

of where we belong

Alvoli Anderson is a student at Bayside Christian College who evidently enjoys poetry.

This poem was first published in The Overcoat, Issue 16 (Christmas 2023), p.6. Republished with permission.

Image credits:

Couple walking in street while raining by Atilla Bingöl at Unsplash.

Sydney Botanic Gardens skyscrapers and flower by Karina Kreminski.

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