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God Had Fun

Monday, 10 June 2024  | Miriam Dale


Once upon a time

Not so long ago and

Not so far away,

I was busy bemoaning some unjust

Aspect of my existence and

My Dad, in a well-timed burst of sympathy and

Parental affection, announced

‘God must have had such fun making you!’

And after I had hugged him and

We had all laughed at Mum’s

Not-quite-whisper of

‘So did we’,

I dwelt on that idea of

God taking such delight in

Me; His work.


Now this may seem like a rather

Meandering tale to you,

You may be wondering just what point it is

I am trying to get at through

This poem. But the point is, you see

I reckon that phrase is applicable to you too.


God must have had such fun making you!

Tight brown ringlets, and shoulders

Thrown perpetually back

The world is your oyster or

Perhaps your treasure map?

No stamp of fear is in your eyes

You are not the wild child

Rather; the free child

With all that you could need in life

Carried securely in its beating pocket

In the left-hand side of your ribs.

Like the kid, who goes adventuring with

A ‘kerchief full of all she needs

Tied on the end of a twig.


God must have had such fun making you!

Cell by cell by vertebrae,

Formed from the brown of dust and clay

You walk lightly on the years of history

Feet in hand-made-soft-leather-blue-Italian-shoes

Not so very far above the dust from which you grew.

God must have had such fun making you!


God must have had such fun making you!

With layers of heart in your fingertips

Everything you touch, stitched

With your care and courage.

Leaving love carefully tucked

In the little things, from blooms soft plucked

And stood in vases, to

Turned back sheets, and shiny glasses.

From a love for work, to tears for a friend

You keep your heart always ready for a lend,

God must have had such fun making you!


God must have had such fun making you!

So thanks for letting me walk a little way with you

Dear brown-ringlet crowned one, because

Just as God delights in you

Those around you do, too.

God must have had such fun making you!


Miriam Dale has been writing and performing poetry for more than a decade, for weddings and celebrations, griefs and challenges. She writes to explore experience, theology and relationship with God and life, and hopes her poems may function as story, memory, prayer and sometimes even prophecy. See more at


Image credit: ‘God must have had such fun making you’ by Miriam Dale.


This poem will be published in the forthcoming issue of Zadok Perspectives 163 on Friendship, Play and Laughter (Winter 2024), 28. Subscribe here to receive your issue and three other forthcoming issues.

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