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Evangelism Through Art?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010  | Michelle Sanders

About two years ago I went through what I call ‘The Dark Period’ where things in my life and ministry became extremely difficult. It was through this time that I discovered painting. I found God in a whole new way. What I have discovered about this is that not only have I found a new deep connection with God, but I have also found a connection with the unchurched community through art.

Recently I have planted a new church community. Art holds a very important place within the community. We have easels set up at our meetings and artists - several of them unchurched - paint the conversations that occur during these meetings. Last Sunday I invited one of the artists to come and share what her painting was about. This artist is not a Christ-follower or a church-attendee, but has connected to our community through art.

She began to tell the story of her painting. We have been journeying the Beatitudes and so she began to tell how the Sermon on the Mount inspired her painting. She had painted the mountain from where Jesus was bringing his address. She had cut several words from the newspaper that included words like darkness, tragedy, strife, lost, loneliness, and had glued them onto her painting. She began to share with us how Jesus wanted to break through the darkness and bring light and hope to the world. I sat there in awe as this woman began to bring a message from Jesus to us.

I am currently working on putting together a painting/worship day for the community. I have held one with Christian artists and musicians trying to get a feel of how to bring the presence of God to the community, so in July we have planned to hold one at a local landmark building. People cannot argue with someone’s story. Art moves people; it often brings them to tears. And with the worship occurring in the midst of painting it lends itself to be able to touch places that we would not normally be able to go. Several unchurched artists will be involved in this day and it will run alongside the farmer’s market.

In the past I have run an Arts festival, where we have a signature verse which people paint, photograph or film. This has had prizes of up to $500 in each category. The interesting thing about this is that unchurched people spend several months contemplating the Scripture as they paint, film and photograph. This has been an entrance point into the church or faith for several people.

Currently I am working with a team on a creative recovery course for people who have suffered depression. This will consist of a ten-week course in which we will teach people to paint and connect with their creative side, while trying to come to terms and possibly understand a little about their responses and their depression. Part of these sessions is on faith. God wants to reveal himself to people and we are using art as a form of evangelism.

Michelle Sanders, an ACC pastor, heads the team involved in Kaleidoscope, a new church community in Melbourne’s southeast.


Conrad Parsons
May 20, 2010, 1:37PM
I like the story of the woman bringing forth a message of Jesus. It is wonderful when a person hears, sees, receives a message and reflects it back in a way that makes sense to them. Good evangelism.
Yumin Tseng
July 1, 2011, 1:47PM
To evangelize through art is also my vision and I agree with what you have written. May God bless your ministry.

FYI, I am also planning to do something and i'm waiting for God's confirmation on few things.

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