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Thursday, 14 December 2023  | Miriam Dale


And so, we sit here.

And all the ambitions of the world

And all the questions of our generations

And the ones past

And the ones to come sit on our shoulders and bounce around our busy brains

And every desire to just be BETTER, BETTER, BEST! to just be good, loveable

And desirable

And incredible

And worship-able – all of them twist around and around and – 


Sometimes you have to take them and put them down with a 


And shut the door firmly on them and –


Embrace grace 

Although you know accepting it fully will take years, maybe millennia 

(Perhaps that’s what eternity is for?!) 

But for the moment you say GRACE. 

His Grace is Sufficient for Me and

He Delights in Me where 


NOT just where 

I should or 


or could be 



I am, 

My identity is, 

.... Beloved. 


SAY it, though you don’t feel it and put those questions and doubts to bed again, one more time, in the hope and ambition that one day they will forget to wake up and leave you be

In the certainty

that all you have left is

and all you need to be is: 




Miriam Dale has been writing and performing poetry for more than a decade, for weddings and celebrations, griefs and challenges. She writes to explore experience, theology and relationship with God and life, and hopes her poems may function as story, memory, prayer and sometimes even prophecy. See more at


Image credit: Heart Engraved Tree Trunk by Chandan Chaurasia at Unsplash.

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