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I Am a Book

Tuesday, 23 January 2024  | Ciara Feeney

Wanting to be read

To be known

Sitting upon the tall shelves



Will someone notice me?

Do I blend in

Do I stand out

What do others think of me?


Am I a book of love

Or sadness

Or even anger

What am I?

What do people think I am?

I wish to know


Do people know

That I exist?

That I’m waiting

Waiting for someone


Just to be read

For people to hear

My story.


Ciara Feeney is a Year 11 student at Bayside Christian College. She studies Art and History and enjoys reading fantasy novels.


Image credit: Jasmine Coates, a graduate of Bayside Christian College.


This poem was first published in The Overcoat, Issue 11 (Winter 2023), p.12. Republished with permission. 

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