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In the City

Monday, 20 February 2023  | Mallory Thompson

Some lost some found

Among the crowd

But it all flows so effortlessly

I cannot fathom

In my imagination

A person not knowing their place

in the city...

So many people unknown

Yet no one seems alone

No one looks out of place to me

Someone shuffles their feet

A distant shop plays

‘You Belong With Me’

It blurs together

yet maintains its individuality

A car suddenly brakes

A guitarist plays –

It all makes sense in the city.


Mallory Thompson is a Year 11 student at Bayside Christian College who is passionate about music and creation. Her writing stretches from fairy tales to lyrical poetry.


Image credit: Penelope O’Brien. Penelope is currently in Year 8 at Bayside Christian College. She is a prolific artist and consistent contributor to the student magazine, The Overcoat.


This poem and painting were first published in Advent 2022 issue of The Overcoat, Issue 12, December 2022, p.12. Republished with permission.

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