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Making it official

Friday, 17 December 2021  | John Kidson

The dust still hung in the stillness of the air. The old man, watching her keenly, noted the shyness that tinged the definite way she moved around the interior. Wide-eyed, yet knowingly, she communicated her 'knowledge of place' with her acceptance and wonder of it.

What had she come to do?

That bundle she carried – oh! was that a…? She was joined by a brown-haired older man carrying a pair of pigeons. She carefully hoisted the bundle to look at the birds he'd bought. Her shawl shifted, and tenderly, mother-like, she adjusted the covering. Suddenly a pang of recognition shot through the old observer. The long-awaited Day-spring was here! The Promise was fulfilled! His waiting was over! Thrill surged through him. Joy! Deep satisfaction! Now his role of welcoming erupted in song:

Lord, I'm satisfied. Let me now depart in peace!

I'm cradling in my arms, your people’s sure release,

I see Israel's consolation,

a light for Gentiles - revelation

glory to your people, at last - salvation!

Your kingdom now forever will increase!

‘Ahh! Bless you son; welcome my daughter. May the Lord lift up the light of his countenance! May his face shine upon you! May he give you his peace….’


John Kidson is a former uni chaplain and now ministers part-time in Grafton Anglican Diocese. He is a regular contributor to Engage.Mail.

Image credit

Petr Brandl: Simeon with Infant Jesus. Public domain at Wikimedia Commons.

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