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Friday, 27 October 2023  | Xiaoli Yang

nobody chooses to be born deaf or blind

forever living in silent darkness, confined within four walls

yearning for a myriad

of colours and sounds of the world outside


nobody sits with withered legs

in a wheelchair on an abandoned path

arms folded, head nodding

slipping into a world of daydreams


nobody mutters, walking aimlessly in a ward

unheeded by inadequate staff

neglected by their loved ones

waning in a forgotten corner of society


nobody sleeps outside a church on a cold winter’s night

warmed only by a stray dog

staring at feet walking past their face

letting frozen memories evaporate in the shivering wind


nobody carries all their belongings

risking life to reach a foreign land by boat

lost in a sea of strangers

without a passport


nobody searches for lost children

digging with bloody hands in rubble from a bomb blast

wailing towards heaven

till tears are dry and voices no more


God loves nobody


Xiaoli Yang is an Australian Chinese theologian, pastor, spiritual director and bilingual poet. She serves on the executive committee of the Australian Association for Mission Studies and the editorial board of Australian Journal of Mission Studies. She has had visiting appointments at Fuller Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary and Boston University. Xiaoli has published widely, including her PhD monograph, A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke, many works on intercultural theology, World Christianity, Asian hermeneutics, Christian spirituality, as well as numerous poems (@xyangbridgingthegap).


Image credit: Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. By Mikhail Esteves at Wikimedia Commons.

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