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Small mercies ...

Tuesday, 22 March 2022  | John Kidson

I love a sunburnt Australia where my heart rejoices

through droughts, fires or floods, my rather limited choices.

As well I have Scomo's supposed inadequacy

and Albo's apparent sniping that proves democracy.


My town smelt of cane-fire and smoke - now all washed down some drain

help was late in coming – so we all took up the strain

then army marching in to clean up - this will ease the pain.


Stressed out people everywhere ... but the sky will again be blue

I'm thanking the Lord I'm still alive and living where I do –

above flood level, and stench of rubbish. Phew!

I like where I live – what falls is only rain ...


I love pandemic Australia, masks and flooding plain

the politics are not so bad – dear God please help Ukraine!


John Kidson lives in Lismore in northern NSW and is a regular contributor to Engage.Mail. You can read the review of his latest book here.

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