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The Story of Christ

Saturday, 3 December 2022  | Caitlin Buchanan

Upon a hill, a stable stood,

Filled with animals, hay, a manger, and wood.

A brilliant star, illuminated the sky,

The shepherds couldn’t understand, and wondered how, and why?

Until an angel appeared in their presence,

Explaining the goodness and the pleasance,

That Jesus’ birth would bring,

And all went to celebrate the newborn King.


All the while, Judea’s ruler,

Had gruesome thoughts, becoming ever crueller.

Egypt offered great escape,

And Herod, distraught, was left agape.

Throughout the life of Jesus Christ,

Miracles, teachings, and sacrifice,

Were plentiful in all regard,

Until His hands were forever scarred.


Now, we sit and celebrate, thousands of years later,

The incredible birth and death, of one’s life who couldn’t be greater.

Jesus has taught all how to live, to live life to the full,

The miracles, teachings, and sacrifice – existent through Christ’s humble rule.


Caitlin Buchanan is completing her VCE studies at Bayside Christian College, Melbourne, after crossing the Pacific Ocean many years ago. She is an avid reader and is passionate about writing, editing and producing stories, poems and essays.


Image credit: Unnamed. By Jasmine Hooper, student at Bayside Christian College. Jasmine is passionate about doing things well and serving others. Her artwork is a result of her recent venture into impressionist painting.


This poem and painting were first published in The Overcoat’s Advent 2022 issue, Issue 12, December 2022.

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