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What if

Wednesday, 23 December 2020  | Leanne Wicks

What if

            those who fly

from the heavens should cease their angeling?

What if the King’s command

            demands catch-up for lost Sabbaths?

What if the crown we are wearing for this time

            is to reflect on our smeared, soiled lives?

Deflect the greedy smudge of mine.

What if this coronation year shows us our neighbour anew?

The Father’s wings are outstretched

The Son’s, once so, are now reaching forth

The Holy Spirit

            breath that we long the world to breathe

passes through the veil.

Leanne Wicks’ obedience to Matthew 6:26 consumes most of her time, designing knit patterns and poems for the 300 bird species that are struggling to sing in Mallacoota, Victoria.

Image: Knitted bird design by Leanne Wicks

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