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Link highlights - May 2016

Monday, 6 June 2016  | Ethos editor

Below is a selection of links to online news and opinion pieces, posted on the Ethos Facebook and Twitter pages between 1st May and 6th June 2016. To keep up-to-date with our posts, ‘like’ us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.

Articles posted are selected by the editor, Armen Gakavian, at his discretion. Neither the editor nor Ethos necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles posted.


Haley Smith challenges the individualism on both sides of the debate.

A New Zealand barrister asks 20 questions about abortion. Some of the comments may also be of interest.

Asylum seekers and refugees

Scott Buchanan compares the policies of the 3 main parties.

Climate change

All mentions of Australia were removed from the final version of a UNESCO report on climate change and world heritage sites after the Australian government objected on the grounds it could impact on tourism.

End of life

Shakira Hussein explains why she changed her mind on euthanasia

Emeritus Professor Ian Maddocks says that palliative care needs to be embraced, not feared.

Associate Professor Neil Orford looks at what it means to ‘die well’.

A classic thought experiment may have implications for the current discussion around ‘assisted death’.

Federal elections

ABC Radio reports that religion is still a factor in Australia's upcoming federal election.

ABC radio asks: What role will religion and faith have in the 2016 federal election?

The ABC’s ‘voter compass’ might also be of interest.

Indigenous affairs

Watch the Centre for Public Christianity’s Reconciliation Week conversation with Larissa Minniecon, Grant Paulson, Tanya Riches and Shane Fenwick.

Common Grace check out marks Reconciliation Week with a series of stories and blogs.


This year’s Budget is lightweight, with next to nothing on what we see as the vital issues – affordable housing, secure work and adequate income’, Anglicare Australia Executive Director, Kasy Chambers said.


A Sydney Anglican church has supported a member of their congregation experiencing transgender feelings.

Read the response by sexologist Patricia Weerakoon and the discussion on Eternity’s Facebook page.


Working hours should be more effectively capped at 38 hours a week to make it easier for men to share the caring load in the family home and for women to participate in paid work.


‘How can you possibly ‘preach the gospel’ without reference to the kingdom of God?’, asks Keith Sewell in an interview about his new book.

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