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Parliament, rugby and walking the line

Friday, 28 June 2019  | John Kidson

Here's a few fraught disciples - struggle all three,

There's 'ScoMo', 'Izzy' and swing-voter me ...

While I infrequently vote for the same party at consecutive elections, this latest federal contest handed me quite a dilemma. Having earlier dismissed the warring extremes of each minor party, I was considering the relative merits of both ALP and Coalition policies. I was in that familiar headspace of 'needing to choose'.

Then there was the sporting diversion: all and sundry discussed Folau's off-field actions. There was knowledge, certain and precise, of what Izzy should and should not have tweeted - just like in politics, when everyone's an expert on correct government policy!

I noted too the not-so subtle moral expectation: both possible PMs seemed on trial for their trustworthiness. Could they be believed? It was different for Folau - his football was great, his life-style was fine, as long as it didn't interfere, that is, challenge the great Aussie fair-go.

In claiming adherence to a higher authority, ScoMo and Izzy would be judged in two 'higher' courts. In one, the decision would become known much later. But in the court of very public appeal, Izzy was going down and ScoMo looked likely to go the same way. These two fraught followers, with their 'old' and largely rejected spiritual allegiance, were nevertheless to be judged in its supposed light.

And they like us are called to follow Jesus’ lead, to tread carefully the fine balance between grace and truth (Jn 1:14). No doubt we each find this a difficult path. In any team meeting we leave judging to the Captain-coach and have only passing thoughtful comments to share with each other.

Many more than three attempt to live like serpent-dove hybrids. Often we fail and can't escape the flurry of feathers and shed skin in our wake.

I regret ScoMo taking a lump of coal into parliament. I wish he would exhibit a greater compassion for asylum seekers. And Izzy: please no more memes! Paul's original statement had us all on that list! All in dire need of the same washing (1Cor.6.9-11). Afterwards, hanging out to dry in our multiple thousands, we try to follow our Captain's call to wisdom and gentleness.

We continue attempting the balance walk. Guess what? None of us gets it right! I am glad the pressure of publicity so rarely shines on my walking. With ScoMo and Izzy, I rejoice in the Calvary intervention.

John Kidson is a former youth worker and Uni Chaplain.


Susie Gentle
June 29, 2019, 6:39PM
Israel Folau quoted a Bible verse completely out of context. He made it a judgemental pronouncement, whereas the New Testament points all the time to God's great act of forgiveness in sending Christ to live and die amongst us, 'that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow'.
Because God so loved THE WORLD.

Can I quote an 'Every Home For Christ' newsletter which says it better than I can?

'God's love is all-encompassing. He loves the single mother begging in India. He loves the atheist reading in a Parisian cafe. He loves the inmate counting the days in an Argentine prison. And He loves you and me. No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we have done, God loves us. Every single one of us.'

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