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Zadok Perspectives - ARPA Publication of the Year

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Australasian Religious Press Association awards celebrate excellence in writing; design and creativity; and publishing. The awards are given for work published during the preceding calendar year; that is during 2012.



Zadok Perspectives  

Gordon Preece, Commissioning Editor
Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society 

The makeover of this publication has been carefully throughout, in particular its masthead and cover treatments. Internally, it remains fresh, thought-provoking and logically laid out, with well-planned themes, illustrations and articles. Over the three new issues surveyed, one can see a refining of design ideas, the emergence of clever navigation techniques and improved consistency of typographic styles. The new san serif font is more legible (a lighter version would further improve legibility). Kudos to the long-term designers of this publication, who have been able to reinvent this successfully, despite the client looking elsewhere (‘for younger designers’) at first. Clearly a very distinct improvement in this publication.



Zadok Perspectives

Gordon Preece, Commissioning Editor

Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society

Seldom does each edition of a Christian publication focus on a single theme. This thoughtful quarterly magazine does so with spectacular effect. Issues tackled include ‘Spirituality and Sport’, ‘Paul, the Anti-Imperialist’ and ‘A Big Australia’. The editorials, articles and reviews demand attentiveness but the reader is invariably rewarded with content that is well-written, well-researched, provocative, encouraging and occasionally irreverent. There are a variety of opinions and no shying away from the controversial. While heavy on text and light on images, the well-crafted design is legible and appealing. It’s the inquisitive and enquiring person’s perspectives that are up for challenge or confirmation. This excellent publication would stand proud in any company, sacred or secular.

To celebrate these awards, we are offering free online samples of
Zadok Perspectives 119
Zadok Perspectives 120 - Is Politics Passe?
Zadok Paper S199 -

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