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…Faith and hopes…

Sunday, 17 July 2022  | John Kidson

I'd like a sunburnt Australia, where we can all rejoice

despite droughts, fires or floods, where all can lift their voice!

Two-party politics in descendancy - and 'Teal'

with Albo now in ascendancy – we feel

a green wave coming, climate change - real choice!

My town still smells of rubbish, full skips, whitegoods pile the streets

some businesses are open, selling coffee, clothes or eats 

- jettisoned political policies lie like pot-holes, beneath our tyres and feet.

Pandemic's not yet over! And here comes the wretched flu... 

we still weep for Ukraine, soon for island nations too?               

'cause China seems like Russia, flexing muscles, thousands 'gainst so few


I'd like a suntanned Australia, where all are represented,

dear God - please guide us through our wintry discontentment!


John Kidson lives in Lismore in northern NSW and is a regular contributor to Engage.Mail. You can read the review of his latest book here.

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