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No Ordinary Journey

Sunday, 21 August 2022  | Patricia M. Robertson

Down an unfamiliar street,

there is tiredness in her walk.

If there is an end to this eternal

path she cannot see it and it

does not stop.

‘I don’t know where the good

times are’,

she says while walking through

the dark.

Many daggers have pierced her

fragile heart.

She thought this pain made her

stand apart,

not in some superior way for better

nor for worse,

than the average traveller with no

money in her purse.

She is alone with it now.

There’s no one to call down the hall.

‘It’s meant to be this way’,

a voice whispers in her ear.

‘It’s meant to hurt.’

‘But what about the fear?’ she asks,

‘am I too dangerous to be near?’

Vulnerable through the years.

Back on the street that never ends,

an unfamiliar friend that makes her

mad and sad with a tiredness in her bones.

Wearing the past like a coat,

in her castle surrounded by a moat,

she is armoured with shining steel.

‘It’s got to be the time to start to heal’.

She’s so determined not to feel.

Looking out from her spiral tower,

now is the time to find her power.

She looks to the sky to find the light,

the light that resides inside her.

The light she fights for with all her might,

stolen by the demons

who haunt her in the night,

just waiting for her to crash

so they can have another bash.

She keeps on walking down this street.

It’s her unfamiliar journey now.

‘She’s not to kill it’, she hears,

‘because the girl has got Spirit’.


Patricia M. Robertson has been writing poetry since she was seventeen years of age. Her poetry is a reflection of the journey of her soul as it journeys through the light and dark aspects of her existence.

Image credit: A section of an acrylic painting called ‘Stellar Appearances’ by Patricia Robertson (2021). Copies of Patricia’s artworks in poster size (A1 size) are available for sale at $200 by email.

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